The werk of Stephen Belyea

I'm a front end developer with a heavy focus on accessibility, performance, and user interaction for any device or screen size. I like working on stuff that anyone can use and I'll put in the effort to make sure they're able to do so easily.

A developer since 2012, I started in a LAMP stack, with a primary focus on WordPress. After some time in .NET, AngularJS, and early experience with TypeScript, I've settled into a modern JavaScript framework world. Most of my time has been in React, with projects in Angular and (increasingly) Vue to round out the framework trio. Jumping into new tech is a great way to learn and discover all the best and less-best parts of everything.

Below, you'll find a pretty broad collection of my work, play, and writing -- a solid representation of my professional growth these past few years. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn for work stuff or Twitter if you’re in Kitchener and want to grab some coffee.

Thanks for stopping by!

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