Whitchurch Stouffville Public Library

Late 2013

Public library outside of Toronto, ON.

The Whitchurch Stouffville Public Library came to Faren Agency with a big job: Build a modern library website that, not only, doesn’t look like any other, but also works better.

With targeted content organization based on years of analytics data and the library’s own plans into the future, we had a big task ahead. Through targeted data, deep-diving feed integration, and intuitive up-front information on library events and facilities, we managed to build up a product that library staff loves to show off.

Oh yeah, and it’s fully responsive and accessible-friendly as well. Also built on a core of WordPress.

Events Banner - Custom Events banner, front and centre on the Home page, to pull top 3 calendar events by date. Staff can select feature calendar events, or create a custom event item to link to a page or post.
Catalogue Items - Scrolling along the Home page, big feature sections are separated by newest Books, DVDs, Tweets, and Facebook posts in large, readable formats.
Catalogue Feed - One of the bigger integrations came in the form of a visually-enticing catalogue feed, pulling and displaying new releases in Books, Large Print, DVDs, and CDs.
Online Databases - With the library's massive listing of available material for registered users, we needed to build a friendly and usable listing that was locked down by user authentication from the library's catalogue service.
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