Visual Inclination

Early 2013

Refined, high-end design and video production studio based in Toronto, ON.

Visual Inclination is an independant Design / Broadcast / Web studio based in Toronto, Ontario and Brooklyn, NY. As an introductory project for the company, I rebuilt the main website on a WordPress platform. The theme was built from the ground up as a mobile-first (responsive) site with a lot of interesting tricks and challenges. Updates continued during my entire term at VisInc, as full device testing plugged away and new additions were conceived.

Home Page - VisInc likes to push the limits and the expanding circles on hover were no exception.
People - Ajax-loading for the team profiles makes for a clean, consistent experience.
Work Portfolio - The circle effect continues with an expanding hover effect to reveal project details.
Project Profile - Scrolling variable-opacity images and videos to illustrate the project.
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