TypeScript Homebrew

February 2016

Starter kit with gulp, scss, and typescript.

After some work with Angular on Curbell Plastics and the framework’s second iteration nearing beta launch, the first months of 2016 were a great time to dig into TypeScript (Angular 2’s preferred-but-not-required JS upgrade). It’s also a great way to get playing with all the tip-top features ES6 brings to JavaScript.

The Homebrew is ultra basic (that’s kind of the point), but ships ready with TypeScript, Typings for library support, Gulp-run transpiling to JS, and some SASS for fun.

Since putting this version of the Homebrew (it’s the grandchild of a few older renditions, including my first go at Compass) together, it’s my core starter for every project -- including the site you’re currently on.

Pull down the Homebrew repo for a TypeScript head-start