Trillium Health Partners Foundation

January 2016

Informational and inspirational site for charitable hospital group, Trillium Giving.

Trillium Health Partners Foundation was looking to bump up their Trillium Giving web presence in a big way. The previous site was built with Bootstrap on a core of WordPress, but didn’t having the inspiration that the group was looking to portray. It was also low on flexibility when the content team needed to promote a foundation event, inspirational story, or support priority.

Sticking with WordPress to keep the content team working in an environment they know, the site was completely rebuilt to offer an incredibly robust platform. Implementing a heavy dose of Advanced Custom Fields, in combination with targeted custom post types and globally-deployable shortcodes to pull and display posts, Trillium’s team can stay on brand while keeping flexible.

The site was built for accessibility standards and also plays well with IE8 (a requirement for the hospital’s internal traffic).

Homepage panels - The Homepage allows editors to add, customize, and reorder a range of flexible templated panels to fit any key announcement.
Landing page layout - Using a Masonry layout for landing pages allows Trillium to keep subsections and key features visually organized using tile size, colours, and images.
Custom post types - Stories, Events, Programs, News, and CTAs are all organized into separate custom post types, allowing for custom field sets, listing pages, and specialized shortcodes for pulling select items.
Visit the Trillium Givings site