Sonnet Insurance

May 2016

Brand-launching site, selling insurance products crafted for millennials.

With tight deadlines for the brand launch, ecentricarts was brought-in to help another agency meet the site’s launch timeline. The site launch needed to coincide with a teaser campaign run during Blue Jays games. Some global elements, styles, and interactions were established from branding guidelines and development of the customer portal CMS -- but the design and animated motion for public-facing brochure pages had yet to be built.

The front end needed to be responsive, accessible, magazine-inspired (design and layout-wise), and ripe with slick animated elements. With animated SVGs for icon elements and splashes of video for visual enhancements, the site was load tested and tweaked for performance where and whenever possible while still making the timeline.

Bouncy icons - SVG animation help keep section transitions alive and fun while scrolling through pages on the site.
Magazine layout - The highly designed magazine-style content sections proved a worthy challenge to build out and animate for all screen sizes.
Scrolly, scrolly - Positioning detection is set to fire an “active” status on the container whenever that section scrolls into view. Combined with dynamic resizing for parallax-ish background image elements, performance was under careful watch throughout.
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