Out Of The Blue Enterprises

Early 2014

New York-based leader in children's educational media.

Out Of The Blue Enterprises is a highly decorated and widely regarded leader in children’s educational media. Based in New York City, Out Of The Blue approached Faren Agency for an up-to-date white-hot website to show off their highly recognized work.

After crafting a visually stunning parallax Home page, we set to work on making their Portfolio, Press, and Awards sections clean and well-organized – as well as quick and easy to update from a staff perspective.

The site is built responsive – with some pretty selective browser-intensive visual touches for larger screens – on a WordPress core.

Home Page - With a nifty blurred background effect on the content bar, and floating cartoon graphics, the Home page is lots of fun on a larger screen while keeping the drag low on a smaller device.
Parallax Scrolling - Lots of moving parallax effects make the Home page a fun scrolling experience. Clean, reduced imagery keeps it functional on smaller devices as well.
Portfolio - We kept the Portfolio navigation process up-front and simple, with navigation like a WordPress blog post, but maintaining nice big feature images as with the rest of the site.
Press Attention - One of the biggest frustrations with Out Of The Blue's old (Flash) site was the difficulty in updating content. For a company with as many awards and press mentions as these folks, this obviously became a priority.
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