MDC Partners Showcase

PDF portfolio concatenation for parent company of multinational design partners.

MDC Partners needed an internal web application to handle client requests for customized PDF portfolio packages, tailored for the specific client and project. The MDC Partners Showcase was built incrementally, first to concatenate selected portfolios with an uploaded custom cover letter and output a finished file for email or download. Next, with a second round, MDC required the option for clients to set a custom order to the files appearing in the output PDF. With the final round, the application sorely needed a responsive retrofit.

The whole project was scratch-built PHP with a single developer (myself) and very simple design direction. Considerable time was spent debugging various PDF settings, compressions, and output rendering in order to achieve a reliable, flexible, and easily updated application.

Unfortunately (for us, though fortunately for security), the whole thing is living on a private domain, which means I can’t offer up a link for you to check it out. Visually, the app is pretty simple. It’s the behind-the-scenes mechanics that were a whole lot of fun to put together.

Main screen - Desktop and phone sized layouts for the application's main screen, featuring options for custom cover letter, formatting options, download prompts, and a list of selectable agencies to include portfolios from.