Ecentricarts Lunch & Learns

Early/Mid 2016

If you GIF them, they will learn.

Ecentricarts has a great culture for learning and helping to spread knowledge. The team hosts and participates semi-regular lunch and learns, with well-crafted overviews of various topics pertaining to our work.

To date, I’ve spoken briefly as a front end and Gulp configuration rep during a shared performance talk, as well as leading a GIF-filled tour of images and accessibility. The Tweet below was a shot snapped during the latter, as I explained contextual alt text using a Far Side cartoon (as you do).

Pics or it didn't happen - A shot of me standing next to the projector screen, mid-way through the accessible images talk. Tweeted by @ecentricarts with the caption: "@belwerks illustrating what good image alt text looks like #accessibility #wcag #w3c".