IHG Sports Program Tracking


Store, track, and analyze campaign program data from hotels nationwide.

After designing and launching the Game Changing Advantage program for IHG Hotels, Faren Agency was approached to create a specialized application in order to track, process, and present data from participating hotels across Canada.

Built on a core of WordPress, this robust application was a fantastic chance to push the CMS well beyond its intended capabilities. With separate login portals (including custom Dashboards and restricted-access pages) for both Hotel and Corporate users, as well as standard WP Admins, the Sports Tracking app is able to handle all ends of the campaign. While individual Hotel users can update their monthly tracking numbers, Corporate users can view all the data (as well as filter, sort, or look into individual hotels), update hotel information and send out communication emails to select hotel users.

Due to the expected users and the level of custom built backend functionality, the application was not designed or built for a responsive environment.

The whole application is locked down, so you will have to rely on screenshots for a visual tour. You will also notice some blurred content in the screenshots as this is taken from live corporate data.

Dashboard - On logging in, the corporate user is treated with organized, graph-based data to show progress of the program.
Email Reminders - As months pass and new data should be available from individual hotels, corporate needed a way to access or or automate sending to hotels.
Sales Contacts - While the rest of the hotel data is updated by importing a corporate spreadsheet, this late added feature allows independently-access additional contacts to be added to any hotel.
Promotion - To increase hotel awareness and usage, a promotional page was created on IHG's corporate access site (which is responsive), pulling live data from the application to show quick graph-based results.

For more on the entire campaign, check out the case study on Faren Agency's site.