GAAD A11yTO Meetup

Talking wins on the fourth annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Since attending the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day (or GAAD) Meetup for the A11yTO group in 2012 (which I wrote about for the company blog where I was working at the time), the annual event has been a growing celebration of wins for the accessibility community.

2016 marked the fourth year and Toronto’s Meetup was held at Shopify’s downtown office. Representatives from numerous companies and teams across the GTA shared accessibility successes over the past year. Along with the other two founding members of ecentricarts’ accessibility team (Kim Collins and Steve Kerr), we spoke about our education and integration of accessibility practices within the company.

The Tweet below (from our front end department head, Sarah Pengelly) was a shot grabbed during our time speaking to the crowd of accessibility professionals. Another Tweet from fellow accessibility teammate Andrea Kereliuk caught more of our talk.

Pics or it didn't happen - A shot of Steve Kerr, Kim Collins, and myself speaking at Shopify’s office with the caption “Ecentricartisans talking about accessibility wins at #a11yto”.