Faren Agency

Late 2013

Fast-growing full-service marketing and design agency based in Toronto, ON.

Faren Agency is a small full-service agency with infinite potential. With a concentration on responsive WordPress sites and a work schedule that is always packed, Faren needed a quick, effective site to show off new work. From a lightening-quick design phase, the site then moved into rapid development and remains one of my fastest and cleanest builds to date.

Home Page - The site's Home page shifts and rearranges to make the full-window height work for all devices and screens. Additional responsive image loading helps cut loading time for smaller devices.
Specialty Popups - YouTube and Vimeo videos are no issue on the Home page with popup embedding at the click of a linked button. Images, documents, and markup are also available within the popup.
Internal Pages - With a clean, minimalist styling, internal pages tackle the brunt of content for the site. Though simple on the surface, these pages are feature-packed with a custom shortcode package for columns, buttons, popup thumbnails, and anything else that's required by the day.
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