February 2016

Interactive mini-game for chilling out a cranky infant.

Trying to sooth a teething infant who doesn’t want to eat, drink, or sleep isn’t much fun. Fortunately, we happened upon one simple YouTube video that did the trick (mostly) every time -- black and red circles dancing on a white background over the soothing tune of something resembling the “medication time” music from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

It didn’t take long before our little guy started poking at the screen, trying to touch the circles. This would inevitably lead to the video pausing and him bursting back into tears.

I spent an evening knocking out the concept for a poke-able version of the same video, with assorted sized circles generated on varied z layers and following random(ish) paths. Some more refining and performance tweaks led to the ability to “pop”, add, and remove circles (with sound effects) while maintaining smooth animation with dozens on screen simultaneously.

Jam Packed - With several dozen circles on screen, a decent browser has no issue handling the randomly calculated paths and animated motion. All in all, a pretty helpful exercise in performance testing.
Play around with Circles for yourself