Mid 2013

Specialized application for television casting, developed with Visual Inclination.

Owing to their work with various television production companies, Visual Inclination had a unique insight into the hassles and headaches of a large casting project. From this, CastingApp was born. Built on a WordPress platform (though massively customized for the purposes of client-accessed areas maintaining consistent UI), I was the principal developer on the beta release – which has served as the basis of all subsequent modifications.

Since it’s original release, CastingApp has been behind the scenes of some of Canada’s biggest shows, including Chopped Canada and Dragon’s Den.

Landing Page - Like much of VisInc's internal design, Casting App has a clean, minimal look with circular features.
Sample Form - The public-facing front end features customizable form fields for gathering all necessary application information.
Back End - Though built on WordPress, Casting App's client-facing back end is completely customized to have a clean, consistent UI.
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